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Volcanos Are Hot


Today’s comic is cleverly titled: Volcano’s Are Hot. In case you weren’t aware of that, you can consider today’s comic to be an educational one for yourself.

Generation Gap

bus stop comics newspaper generation gap

I have a hard time understanding how newspapers continue to be published. I know that many have already gone out of business and some have begun to switch to online only content but there are still thousands of various newspapers published every day around this country and I really can’t understand why.

We live in a world where people expect news instantly and by it’s very nature, a newspaper is old news the moment it is printed. As today’s Bus Stop Comics points out, there are still many many older people who read newspapers but the rest of us simply by them on Sundays for the coupons. I almost feel bad when I buy a Sunday paper, pluck out the coupons, and throw the rest away without ever glancing at all those articles that someone worked hard to write.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that local news agencies perform a valuable service to their community. I just enjoy reading their content online as opposed to buying a newspaper every day.

Strangely local television news is almost as bad with their news being out-of-date in modern terms. I’ve had to completely stop watching the local news channel because I get tired of seeing stories about things that I read about several days prior on the internet.