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Black Friday 2011 – The Most Terrible Day of the Year

If you’ve ever wondered what Black Friday is like for people who work in retail then this song is for you.

A Tribute Song To Buddy The Cat – Johnny Dividas

Johnny Dividas has lent his exceptional musical talents to yet another song. This time it’s a tribute song to a cat, taken before his time.

The Pillow Pets Rap by Johnny Dividas

Long time Sub-Standard Studios artist Johnny Dividas has a new music video out. This time he’s doing rap? Sometimes I think he’s still trying to find his voice. But hey who am I to question a grown man doing a rap music video about Pillow Pets? He’s even plugging some website called

Melissa and Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set

For more information go to Toy Wooden Train.

Melissa and Doug Figure Eight Train Set

For more information go to Toy Wooden Train.

Maxim Figure Eight Wooden Train Set

For more information go to Toy Wooden Train.

About the song Paradise by 2 Hour Drive

For more information go to 2 Hour Drive’s official website.

Godzilla, Don’t Eat Me Music Video

Ever since I wrote and recorded the song “Godzilla, Don’t Eat Me” a couple years ago, I wanted to make a music video for it. I never really knew how to approach it though but just the other day I found what I needed and was able to make a pretty spiffy little music video which you can view below. As a side note, the song is also available through Amazon Mp3 for only $0.89.

Phone Conversations with Carl: Cow vs Guerilla

This is my latest video. It’s kind of stupid but I’m thinking about making an entire series of them. TV Commercial

This is my first attempt at making a television commercial. It’s essentially just title slides with a voice-over and a small clip from the Johnny Dividas video “Ode to the Falkland Islands”. The commercial is hopefully going to air a few times later this week on a cable network. I’ll post an update when I’m sure that it’s going to air.