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Black Friday 2011 – The Most Terrible Day of the Year

If you’ve ever wondered what Black Friday is like for people who work in retail then this song is for you.

A Tribute Song To Buddy The Cat – Johnny Dividas

Johnny Dividas has lent his exceptional musical talents to yet another song. This time it’s a tribute song to a cat, taken before his time.

The Pillow Pets Rap by Johnny Dividas

Long time Sub-Standard Studios artist Johnny Dividas has a new music video out. This time he’s doing rap? Sometimes I think he’s still trying to find his voice. But hey who am I to question a grown man doing a rap music video about Pillow Pets? He’s even plugging some website called

About the song Paradise by 2 Hour Drive

For more information go to 2 Hour Drive’s official website.

Godzilla, Don’t Eat Me Music Video

Ever since I wrote and recorded the song “Godzilla, Don’t Eat Me” a couple years ago, I wanted to make a music video for it. I never really knew how to approach it though but just the other day I found what I needed and was able to make a pretty spiffy little music video which you can view below. As a side note, the song is also available through Amazon Mp3 for only $0.89.

Johnny Dividas – It’s a Jeep Thing

Johnny Dividas – Ode to the Falkland Islands

Godzilla, Don’t Eat Me

The most recent thing to come out of Sub-Standard Studios is a new song from Yordy entitled “Godzilla, Don’t Eat Me”. Check it out here on his MySpace page.