About Bus Stop Comics

Bus Stop Comics is an original web comic from Tim Yordy. Bus Stop Comics takes a light hearted look at life through the eyes of school children as they wait for the bus to pick them up for school.

I was the co-author of The Office Comic during it’s 150+ strip run from 2004 – 2006. However, when my partner Matt decided he needed to move on from The Office Comic due to time constraints I was unable to continue because he was the artist for the strip. I was left with the feeling that there were more stories to tell for those characters but I’m no artist (as a quick look around this site will show you) and I couldn’t hope to duplicate his work on the characters for The Office Comic.

Ever since then I have wanted to do a new comic strip or an animated series. I’ve come up with story-lines, characters and settings. I’ve dabbled in computer animation programs and created some scenes for my ideas but the time commitment needed especially for an artistically challenged person such as myself has always kept me from making a new web comic.

That all changed in the beginning of 2013 when I had been hard at work on the computer for awhile and needed a mental break. That mental break came in the form of drawing a stick figure running away from a giant snow ball. It was simple and poorly drawn but I loved it. Over the next several days I would draw several more strips and begin to develop various characters. It amazes me how quickly I was able to get back into the groove of pumping out ideas for comic strips after so many years away from it.

The artwork isn’t much to look at but hopefully the writing is something that people will enjoy. As much respect as I have for comic strip artists and their abilities, I have always felt that the writing is more important than the art. Every newspaper across the country has a comics page that is filled with well drawn comics that aren’t funny at all. So if you came here looking for good art, I will have to disappoint you.

So that is the story of Bus Stop Comics. I hope you enjoy it and share it with friends.

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