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McDonald’s To Introduce Infant Formula

McDonalds McFormula Infant FormulaMcDonald’s has announced plans to introduce its own brand of infant formula at McDonald’s locations across the country starting in April. Initially the formula will be available in two flavors, “McNugget Flavor” and “Big Mac Flavor” with plans to introduce more flavors in the future.

A press release from McDonald’s relayed the corporation’s excitement about this new product line:

“At McDonald’s we’ve always been a company that has striven to include the whole family in our meal offerings but one family segment had always been left out, until now. Introducing McFormula, the all new infant formula from McDonald’s.

McFormula offers babies a flavor filled meal so that they can enjoy the McDonald’s experience like the rest of the family and mom and dad can feel confident that their child is receiving nutrition that meets all FDA guidelines.”

Parent groups have raised concerns over what they consider McDonald’s attempt to get kids addicted to fast food at an even earlier age than before. At a time when childhood obesity is at an all time high, their concerns resonated with the FDA at least for awhile.

McFormula BabyThe FDA was reluctant to approve McFormula for sale and were heavily lobbied by both sides. An FDA official speaking on condition of anonymity said, “Our biggest concern was the flavorings and artificial coloring that McDonald’s chose to add to its line of infant formulas. Those type of ingredients have traditionally not been allowed in products like this.”

Eventually though McDonald’s was able to win approval from the FDA. Their decision cited hard economic times as a reason for approving this low cost formula for sale. McDonald’s did have to make one concession however in order to win approval. The FDA would not allow the product to be sold only at McDonald’s locations because parents would not have access to the same formula when away from a McDonald’s restaurant. Trying to switch your child’s formula can sometimes produce an upset stomach and a picky eater.

In an effort to comply with the FDA’s decision, starting in June, McFormula will be on grocery store shelves in over 1,500 stores across the country and the company stated that it hopes to expand that to more than 4,000 stores by the end of the summer.

Sales at the fast food giant have been stagnant for the last few years and this is obviously an attempt at tapping into a market segment that has been largely untouched by the fast food industry until now. So will McFormula succeed? If the 2.5 Million Happy Meals they sell every year is any indication then yes, you can expect McFormula to be very successful.

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Disclaimer: The “McDonald’s” name its logo and and any product names are owned by McDonald’s through various copyrights, trademarks and registered stuff. They are used on this website for entertainment purposes only. McFormula is not a real product and the image of it is a fake, though I kind of feel like I just gave McDonald’s a million dollar idea. You’re welcome.